The Damon System is an orthodontic technique based on light forces produced by the interaction of braces and wire using a special technology.
Light forces are the base of the various biological and biomechanical factors for which this system is known and appreciated all over the world; not simply as an orthodontic technique but also as a treatment philosophy.
Dr. Dwight Damon has developed and regulated all the stages of the treatment, based on scientific concepts already recognised in orthodontics and used with advanced technology.
The braces are passive self- ligating. This means they do not need elastic or metal bindings and the wire is not blocked.
The wire can run freely inside the braces. In this way friction is reduced and generates a light force which is transmitted to the tooth.
The wires used for the important stages in the Damon System are made up of an alloy of nickel, titanium and copper. This provides exceptional elasticity and memory of the form. .
The wire develops elasticity by sliding through the inside of the braces and guiding the three-dimensional repositioning of the teeth. The light forces which have developed stimulate the remodelling of the bone so the structure of the jaw bone can modify..
The force applied to the teeth allows interaction with the muscles. This transforms the following: the anchorage; the potential for readjusting ; the aims of the treatment and therapy.
The lower arch is no longer the guide; distancing is not necessary and external tractions are a thing of the past.
In most cases the ideal result, both functional and aesthetically gratifying , can be obtained without the need for extraction or surgery.
It is clinically much easier to manage this type of treatment.