Damon System

Self ligating systems are becoming more widespread  in clinical practices. If we learn to   understand  how orthodontic forces are  generated and how to manage them we will be able to work on and solve some of the  different problems we come across in our profession.
We can have  results which in the past were impossible  to obtain. In the majority of cases, the need for tooth extraction or surgical intervention in order to obtain the desired results is  reduced .

Dott. Giuseppe Sabatini

sabbaGraduate in Odontology and Prosthodontics

He has worked in orthodontics since 2001 . In 2004 he began working in the Department of  Odontology  and in 2004 took charge of the unit in the Department of  Orthodontics at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan.

Since 2004 he has been a specialist in  Orthodontics.

Since 2005 he has used  only  low friction methods, especially the DAMON SYSTEM

2003-2004  he was in charge of the  Odontology Department  at the Centro Militare di Medicina Legale, Bologna.

2008  Orthodontics consultant in the Department of  Odontology, “Ateneo Vita e Salute”, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan (Director : Prof. Enrico Gherlone)

Since 2008, Chairman,  Damon System Study Club,  Bergamo.

2010  Master in the Damon technique, Università degli Studi, Ferrara.

2011 Master Damon System (Dr. Rafael Garcia Espejo and Dr. Ramon Perera Grau)

2012 Course : “Functional Orthodontic  Re-education in the Child” ( Dr. Daniel Rollet)

Since 2013  Speaker ( with Dr, Davide Damiola) at  the course:” Clinical Realities in Self –Ligating Systems in Orthodontics”( 23,4  credits for professionals)

2014 Speaker at the first Damon Congress in Italy ( with Dr. Davide Damiola) Title of  report .” D- Gainer and other applications for  retrieving space”

He is a professional Orthodontics consultant in the city and province of Milan.

Dott. Davide Damiola

Graduate in  Odontology and Prosthodontics  ( University of Pavia)


Since 2006  he has been  part of the  team  at Ospedale San Raffaele, (director: Prof. E. Gherlone)


Since 2006  he has used only low friction methods, especially the DAMON SYSTEM

2007  Course in Conservative  Odontology( theory and practice) , (Dr. Marco Veneziani)

2008  Specialization  in  Orthodontics ( University of Milan, Prof. Giampietro Farronato)

2009 Consultant in Orthodontics, Ospedale San Raffaele(Director Prof. E.F. Gherlone )

2009 Master Damon System (Dr. Rafael Garcia Espejo and Dr. Ramon Perera Grau)

2010  Annual  course in fixed prosthesis ( practice and theory) (Dr. Domenico Massironi)

2011  Invisalign Certification

2012 Conference speaker Straight Wire  and Self Ligating ( with Dr. Ennio Storti)scientific evidence and technological innovations ( University of Milan , School of Specialization in Orthodontics). Title of paper: Dimensione Verticale nelle 2 Classi

2012  Course .”Functional Orthodontic Re-education in the Child” ( Dr. Daniel Rollet)

Since 2013  Speaker ( with Dr. Giuseppe Sabatini) at the course “ Clinical Realities in Self-Ligating

Systems in Orthodontics”(23,4 credits for professionals)

2014 Annual Master in Periodontology( Dr. Carlo Ghezzi- Dr. Silvia Masiero)

2014 Speaker at the first Damon  Congress in Italy (with Dr. Giuseppe Sabatini) Title of report:

“D-Gainer and other applications for retrieving space”.